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Party Bingo

Looking for a great way to liven up your next party? Well, how about a game you may have forgotten about: B-I-N-G-O! Stop! I know what you're thinking because thats my job. You're thinking one of two things. You're either thinking, party bingo, why would I play party bingo when I can play real bingo online or at my local bingo hall? Or you're thinking, party bingo, that's about the lamest idea I've ever heard.

Well, you're not wrong in either thought, but you obviously haven't seen the true potential of party bingo that I have. For the avid bingo player it may just not be worth your time. You already have places to play bingo, and you want to be a bingo player, not a bingo caller But I guarantee you have a friend who has some weird dream about one day getting to be a bingo caller. There's one in every bingo hall. Just get them to do the calling duties for the night and enjoy the bingo. Still, you're not going to organize a bingo party just so your friend Jim can live out his lifelong fantasy of being a bingo caller.

So then why do it? I'll tell you why. I have a bingo party about once a month. 20 of my closest friends come over and we have the most fun we've ever had playing bingo. Some of them are avid bingo players, some of them play every once in a while like me, and others never played the game until my first party.

It's just so relaxing to be able to play a bingo game without worrying about money or being quiet. The best party about party bingo is being in a small room full of people you love, everybody's talking and you may not even here the number being called, but you know the caller and he's not afraid to repeat it. And for those of you who think bingo is just some lame game that old people play, you've obviously never played drinking party bingo. I'm not sure my friends and I invented this game, but we've definitely come up with some interesting wrinkles, and not the kind you'd find on an old bingo players face. Of course you have to start off the bingo game with a group toast for the free space, and you have to take a sip whenever you get a number on your bingo card. If you get O-69 then you have to chug your drink.

The bingo winner gets to give out a predetermined number of drinks: the bingo jackpot. Whether you're just looking to play some free bingo with a couple of your friends, or whether you're looking to get completely wasted and yell bingo every once in a while, party bingo is the way to do. Throw a party, play some bingo, have some fun.

Jeffrey Davis is a expert on Bingo and a marketing executive at Triumph Marketing, you can find more of Jeff's Bingo Articles and play bingo at http://www.bingohouse.com


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