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Successful Online Dating Advice for a Single Women

Those online dating advice are meant to weed out most of the Mr. Wrong. The online dating advice no 1: Create a good screen name Don't make any references to sexuality like bootydeliciousred head, or sexy-blonde or fun_hot_brunette.

You are not selling your body or sexual skills. You are selling who you are. A good username has to be something about you. Find something that you have that is positively different then anyone else.

It could be like cooking_sorcerer_52, or feminine_golfer_34. Be creative. You will attract the right guys who are looking for what beautifully you have to offer. Online Dating Advice no 2: Put a smiling photography. Pay a professional photographer. It's about making the good and the right first impression.

You will look like a put-together woman. This will attract men who are interested in meeting that kind of woman. If you are on a budget, set up an appointment with stores like Sears or WalMart who offer to give you a 5X7 for free. You then scan your photo at work or with a friend and put it up on your profile.

Online Dating Advice no 3: Answer with in a timely manner I used to answer the emails in the speed of the light. Wrong! Men interpret it as being desperate and that scares them off. Men are competitive by nature. If you delay your answer, your value increases. It implies that many men are writing to you. Or that you are popular because you have a busy life.

I would answer between 4 hours to 24 hours his email. Maybe you are asking yourself; "What if he looses interest because I haven't answered right away?" I think you would have lost him anyway down the road. His interest towards you wasn't strong enough If you can avoid answering during the holidays and during the week ends, it is even better.

The guy could perceive you as if you don't have a life. His starting interest in you could weaken. Online Dating Advice no 4: Keep your answers light Write about what you like. Make jokes. Keep away from discussing your frustrations or whining about life or your life.

Avoid mentionning your ex-boyfriends. If he asks what you are looking, don't be afraid to say what you are looking for. He will appreciate your sense of worth. Keep the "wanted list" short. You could answer "I am looking to be with a compatible person.

" It's positive and it shows that you are selective, not desperate and mysterious. Being mysterious makes a man curious. He will want to know what's hidden being your beautiful eyes.

Make him come back for more. Online Dating Advice no 5: Let him ask for your phone number If he leaves you his phone number, reply back with yours and tell him that he can call you also if he wants to. Sometimes he gives you his phone number because he doesn't want to appear forward. But still; let him call you.

Unfortunately ladies, even today, men are hunters. Let him hunt you. It increases the chances of him value you more. One last online dating advice If there is no picture on his profile, he might have a girlfriend, or a wife. He also may not be proud enough of his appearance.

I find that the profiles who have no pictures are usually those wrong guys. If he says that he is someone important and doesn't want to be recognizing, don't believe him. Someone important doesn't use online dating; they hire a love hunter or an agency.

Best of luck!.

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